Settlement-oriented mediation services result in conflict resolution without lawyers.

What is mediation?

Mediation is the intervention in a dispute by a neutral third party, the mediator. The mediator has no decision making authority to resolve the dispute. The mediator facilitates the parties communications in an effort to assist resolution of the issues between them. The mediator guides the parties toward reaching a voluntary and mutual settlement agreement.

Mediation Steps

  • Mediator’s introduction
  • Parties share background information
  • Identification of issues
  • Generation of options
  • Negotiations
  • Settlement

The mediator records the options, keeps the parties on track, assures that all parties are allowed a chance to present their side of the dispute, and documents the agreement.

Mediation is a confidential process, only the parties involved in the dispute authorize information regarding the agreement or the dispute itself to be released. Mediation can be a voluntary alternative to resolve a dispute. Court-ordered mediations also occur.

Bear Wolf specializes in mediation of conflicts in the following areas

  • All Employment Conflicts including Discrimination and Labor-Management Relations
  • Real Estate and Home Owner Association Disputes
  • Small and large business disputes/ Public Sector and Private Sector
  • Post Decree Divorce

Bear Wolf has formed excellent relationships with attorneys and other professionals such as counselors and accountants. Cross-referral with other professionals is supported. Co-mediation services are provided when appropriate. Jo-Marie has multi-party dispute resolution experience.