Implementation of positive conflict management approaches saves money, time, and preserves and strengthens relationships.

Jo-Marie Lisa delivers effective solutions designed to break down barriers between organizations and individuals, prevent conflict from escalating out of control, and assure that all parties involved in a situation benefit to the extent possible in the resolution.

Services available include


Bear Wolf provides two-party or multi-party mediation services for employment, EEO, Real Estate, HOA and construction defect disputes. Bear Wolf can also provide co-mediation to better handle complex mediation situations.


For conflicts requiring arbitration, Bear Wolf provides binding and non-binding arbitration services.

Bear Wolf provides a variety of supervisory development and leadership courses and alternative dispute resolution and employment law training to its clients. Training may be off-the-shelf or customized to fit your organization’s needs.


Consulting services offered by Bear Wolf focuses on an effective approach for dealing with employment related issues such as organizational conflict, communication issues, and EEO complaints.


Bear Wolf Consulting provides facilitation of small or large group meetings. Jo-Marie Lisa is experienced in facilitating large, conflicted groups.


Conflict Coaching

Personal coaching for individuals experiencing conflict in their lives in the area of employment/career matters such as difficulties with a supervisor or manager, communicating with difficult people/co-workers; proposed or actual disciplinary actions, lay-off issues and termination, discrimination, etc.